Love Lust & Lightning bolts.

Love Lust & Lightning bolts. A place for Rose and I to vent, about our love live, our problematic moments, just anything really. But it's also a place for us to post our fics! Fan-fics of Supernatural, Sherlock, and a few others! We take requests :)
tata lovelies! <3

If ever you feel bad, just remember that me and my boyfriend have been together 2 years, and known one another since kids, and he still asks if I want milk with my cookies.
I’m lactose intolerant. :3

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If you were to walk out of my life right now, I’d be lost. I wouldn’t know what to do first. I wouldn’t know if I should cry or just stare blankly at my wall. I’d be hurt. The thought of you not being here with me one day just makes me sick and brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been so happy with you. This is the first time in a very long time that I don’t cry myself to sleep every night. The fist time that I don’t just lay in bed all day and shut out the world. You give me a reason to smile. And the worst part is. I know there wil be a day when all of that is gone. I know one day I will be back in my bed shutting out the world. The nights where I cry myself to sleep will begin again. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

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Coming Home

Today is an exciting day for me, my lover is coming home from Greece! He’s been gone over a month now and i miss him dearly, :3 super stoked to be getting him back! 

Just wanted to share some good news, Hope y’all are having a good one too! :3


A bit about Us.

I say us, because there may be two of us using this blog. 

I, currently speaking, am known as Danny. the other blogger, who will write her own little shpeel down there is Rose.

I’m 21, gay, and vibrant as fuck. My lifes in a dark place  right now, but I’ll pull through. I;m a writer, a photographer and a full time fan-boy :P Apart from fics i write for a small paper in a small little town. I’m not to great at talking about myself, but I’m friendly, so ask away! :3

                                                                             ~ Danny.

Hola!, y’all know that D is here to blog about his problems, and vent and cover part of the fanfic crowd, I’m here for a lot of the same reasons, But other then writing, I’ll do editing too :) 

But anywhoozle, I’m Rose, I’m 18, just kind of going through the motions. job, school, such things. Not much to say, just here to write, :3 

My reason for starting Tumblr.

I pretty much started this tumblr just to vent. Just as a blog. 

And to post fan fics :P I’ll take requests as well. 

Its probably just gunna be a lot of texts posts,.. Theres no way to make this exciting :P  So yeah, thats pretty much it. ( My main fan fics will be supernatural, a sherlock based, just because thats what I enjoy most.)